Saturday, 26 July 2014

"A White Feather Falls" a poem by gennepher



long ago
amidst dawn’s mists a story began.
eyes so deep this universe
the stars we flew in orbs of light
a distance between us,
time passed
s  i  l  e  n  t  l  y
catching the songs as they escaped
the child kept them safe in her pocket.
petal by petal
this secret life unfolded
blossoming for such a brief time
yet twined together for eternity.
whispering untold dreams
we vanished in to an unknown world,
tracks that led nowhere
an endless talking of pain and heartache.
each way I turned this blue of you reached out
and yet
watching you this afternoon
I realised you have to go.
hanging in the air echoes of our future
be safe, take care
this night of soft farewells
fading into this wordless sky.
The endless night
where the moon remains to grieve
shimmering, half-seen
we say see you soon.
a white feather falls
I hold your hand
hiding this whisper of you and I.
your voice softer now
drifts back.

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